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TYRON DIXON – International Dj’s Original Interview

What is your background (Childhood, Studies and Pro)?

My childhood was shaped by my family with music from the beginning. We always had many international guests in our house, Including musicians. In this way, I got many different musical influences and could quickly expanded my taste for different kind of music. I studied economics and international transport but to be honest I knew with the time that this direction would never be my dream job. I finished my exams, made a few experiences in a regular job but continued to focus on my music career. Its not always an easy decision to know what’s the best for your life but in my case, i trusted my inner voice.

Where are you from? 

I was born in a small town called Andernach in Germany. It was a sweet city but very boring & conservative. My mother is german & my father afro american. Being a half black child was not always easy in that small community and unfortunately I experienced also many uncomfortable situations but definitely made me stronger and more resistant to the challenges in life.

From what culture or which artist your music is inspired? 

I’ve been inspired by many cultures and artists in my life. You can learn something from every person! I grew up with Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz & Blues Music. My Dad had those huge Vinyl Collection with Motown Records, Barry White, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Sade etc. At the age of 14, I discovered the love for electronic music and have received a lot of input of artists like Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Josh Wink, Little Louie Vega, Paul Johnson, Carl Craig, Kevin Yost, Ian Pooley, DJ Pierre, François Kevorkian, Laurent Garnier, etc.

When and where did you start to mix? 

At the age of 14, I started collecting vinyls for myself and started to mixed music together. It was a long process to learn the right technique with a model like Technics SL MK2 Record Player, but it was fun. Later I started playing at school parties and at the age of 17 & I had my first gig in a big club of about 1000 people. I was so excited and could not sleep a week before…!

What is your music style? 

I love any kind of music style but as a DJ I prefer to play electronic dance music. For me personally, the energy is simply gigantic, specially when you play in front of people and receive those amazing energy back.

What is your favorite destination in Europe for parties? for work? 

This is a very difficult question because there are so many great places, club & festivals in the world. Each place has its own special energy that hardly in words are to be described. But of course exist special places that are particularly remembered as club like Pacha Ibiza, Sutton Barcelona, Joy Eslava Madrid or festivals like Dont Let Daddy Know & Noa Beach Club in Croatia.

You have been to St Tropez before? As a Dj or vacations? Where? What do you know in Saint-Tropez?

Yes, I lived about 19 years ago in Saint Tropez. I played for the summer season as Resident DJ for the Lounge La Bodega & the club Papagayo. I think both still exist but with another name!
I love the atmosphere in Saint Tropez, especially on the port or in the small streets. I remember when I had a small scooter and always drove to the beach without T-shirt. We had a great time with friends!

What are your hobbies during the quarantine?

The Quarantine is a big challenge for all us but i use it to arrange new projects. I also do more sport, read more books and make things, for which normally is no time in our stressful daily life. To be honest, i discover myself at the moment completely new!

What is your next plan and project? In Europe, In France and US?

I think it’s for all of us a bit more complicated at the moment to plan new projects because of all the worldwide COVID restrictions. But of course we have to think forward!
I finished a few new songs, i will do collaborations with other artist colleagues and we work to Re-Schedule our City Of Angels Tour. I am also very excited about my worldwide business collaborations which i do now with other partners in a completely new area. I think its very important right now to built new structures and projects!

What do you listen at the moment?

I receive still many new promotion songs from Labels, Artists around the world and I want to give them also my attention in case of feedback. I think its very important to keep our Music Scene alive and support our community as much we can, Special in these difficult times. But i still love the old Motown Classics!

Who is your favorite artist at that time? 

Its a very difficult question because i have so many favorite artists which inspire me every day and give me a great time with their music & Art.

What instrument do you play?

I play Piano but more for the use of my productions to record my ideas & chords. I like also to work with professional musicians which can give me another influence of their skills. It’s all about teamwork!

What is the talent that you wish to improve?

All the time i still improve my music productions skills because the technology is going really fast forward. That’s why i spend most of my free time on learning new techniques & skills.

What is the symbol of freedom for you?

For me freedom is to do what i really love to do.

How do you describe music with few words in your own vibes?

Music is magic, a language transformed in energy that connects us around the world.

What is your advice to get over the quarantine?

Its a very difficult situation around the world and we have to go through it together as a strong community. Stay creative in times of quarantine and be never ashamed of asking for help if needed.

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Interview by Alissia Kaitz.

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